We are a team of developers delivering quality internet marketing solutions with second-to-none customer service. We can create a custom business website that both looks amazing and is fully optimized to establish a dominant online presence.


Responsive Website Design


The foundation of fulfilling all your online marketing objectives is a state-of-the-art Business Website that is capable, functional, easy to navigate, has great content, and a professional look. A well designed business website has the ability to speak directly to your target audience, providing information exactly as they need it, giving them an experience that convinces them to become your customer.

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Search Engine Optimization


How strong is your online presence? Consumers find a business or service using search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. They may search by business name, or they may search by a business category, service or product. SEO starts with the foundation of proper design & development of a website including organizing site structure, optimizing site code and using targeted content. Let us help your business dominate the competition.

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Social Media Marketing


You can love them, you can hate them, use them or shun them, but the fact remains: social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc are the new “Relationship Selling” Tools of the Internet / Digital Age we live in. Through these tools and others, leading companies are able to generate a conversation with their target market that when done right leads to an increase in traffic, brand buzz and meaningful sales.

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Online Directories & Reviews


Internet Directories and Review Sites are a valuable tool to promote your business by both listing your business by name and category. As people search for a specific business by name, by product or service, Internet directories can help consumers find businesses that will meet their needs. Are you managing your online Information and Reputation?

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Video Email / Video Newsletter Marketing


Talk Fusion Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing?

  • Video Can Lead to More Sales
  • Consumers Love Video!
  • Video Boosts Engagement
  • Customers Trust, Understand, and Remember Video
  • Video Lets You Share More Information in Less Time

Talk Fusion Video Marketing

Did you know? Email Marketing or Email Newsletters are one of the most powerful digital marketing tools you can use to reach existing clients and prospects. Email Marketing has a better return on investment than social media with an average of $38-back-for-every-$1-spent.

Professional emails with a custom template can promote your brand and get results. Personalized emails build connections and keeps our audience engaged, and ready to take action. Get your message in front of more people. Track your success in real time.

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Just adding a video to your website’s landing page can increase conversion by 80% and making a video that your customers actually like can both increase their purchase intent by 97% and boost brand association by 139%.

Studies show that, after watching a video, 64% of consumers are more likely to make an online purchase and 65% of executives go on to visit the marketer’s website.

Studies show that 59% of executives prefer watching videos to reading text.

While online shopping, and compared to Baby Boomers, Millennials are 146% more likely to watch a video on a company’s site.

Incorporating video into your email can increase your click-throughs by 200-300%.

Adding a video to an introductory email has been shown to reduce unsubscribes by as much as 75%.

Video increases a viewer’s comprehension by 74%.

80% of consumers remember a video ad they watched within the past 30 days.

Videos lead to a 20% increase in conversion rates.

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