Why you DON’T want to Hire an SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is TECHNICAL and PRECISE Have you ever seen an SEO company say something like: "SEO is not Rocket Science"? SEO may not be as difficult as rocket science but SEO is TECHNICAL and takes a thorough understanding of what works and what does not. Good SEO requires a certain skill set. A Good SEO will be a bit on the nerdy side, will like working with numbers and must possess a lot of Patience! In a recent survey, SEO companies were asked to prioritize the necessary skills required for proper SEO The same recent survey asked SEO companies to list the current skill qualifications of their staff in order of Expert to NEED to IMPROVE. MOST SEO COMPANIES DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO SEO PROPERLY! The first chart shows the 7 areas of knowledge or skills that an SEO possess with the larger circles being MORE IMPORTANT. Technical SEO Google Tools On-Page SEO (website SEO) Backlink Management Keyword Research Mobile SEO Local SEO [...]

Why you DON’T want to Hire a Website Design Company

Website Design vs. Technical SEO When choosing someone to Build your Website it is important to balance two Opposing Dynamics. Creative Design Most website "designers" or website "design" companies are CREATIVES. They are the artistic people who love to work with colors, layout, graphics, and style. --HOW IT LOOKS-- When you are looking to hire a website design company you will see companies that focus almost entirely on DESIGN. They want to CREATE a beautiful website and make it appealing. The information on their website is all about proper design. They showcase their portfolio with the best-designed websites they have created, with great graphics, layout, and style. They may offer SEO as an additional service but the main focus is on the besutiful website they will build for you. --BALANCE-- Some companies are better at being creative and some are better at the technical aspects of website design. Think creative minded ARTISTS versus the analytical minded NERDS. Technical SEO Most SEO companies are TECHNICAL [...]