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Digital Marketing with Royaltie

All Your Digital Marketing from ONE Account and ONE Dashboard

One Account for Everything
You don’t need separate accounts for all these tasks.

You use just one dashboard to:

  1. Create your Ad
  2. Set your GEO Location
  3. Set your Target Demographic
  4. Build a Landing Page / Website
  5. Track Stats and Conversions
  6. Create Drip Email Campaigns
  7. Post to multiple Social Media Accounts

1. Build Your Ad

It’s Easy to Create a Great Ad for your Business, Product or Service. It only takes about 5 minutes to create an ad.

2. Choose a GEO Location

Drop a PIN on a Map. Proximity Marketing and Geo-Location at its very best. Show your Ads Near or Far. You just drop a pin on a map!

3. Demographic Targeting

With Advanced Audience Targeting you can show your ad when you want, where you want, to who you want.

4. Build your Landing / Lead Capture Page

The Royaltie Digital Marketing Platform includes a Landing page creator where you can custom design your information and capture leads.

5. Track your Results / Conversions

With Google Analytics integration you can track clicks, conversions, and demographic info.

6. Follow-Up with Email Campaigns

Your Ad package includes an incredibly intuitive, surprisingly simple automated email marketing system.

7. Share on Social Media

Share a post on multiple Social media accounts simultaneously.

What is the Royaltie Digital Marketing Platform?

Royaltie delivers high-quality display ads on the most popular websites and apps within a geographical area

The Royaltie Ads are delivered through the Royaltie Ad Network to 1000’s of the most popular websites and apps.

Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, USA Today, Forbes, Yahoo, AOL, CNN and many many more…

Your ads reach all types of devices including Android AND iPhones, desktops, laptops, and tablets, within a specific geographical area. You can specify the GEO area allowing you to advertise using this technology anywhere in the world.

Purchase the Royaltie Digital Marketing Platform

Royaltie Digital Marketing Pricing

Royaltie offers 3 Digital Marketing Package Options

Entrepreneur Package

  • A Suite of Products

Small Business Package

  • A Suite of Products

Marketing Agency

  • A Suite of Products

Just choose the plan that works best for you and your business needs, and Royaltie will deliver your guaranteed impressions to the most popular websites and apps within the proximity area you choose.

Royaltie Makes Digital Advertising Effortless

Purchase the Royaltie Digital Marketing Platform

The Royaltie platform is a complete sales funnel system for your business!

#1 Awareness – Create Awareness & Branding with your Ad.

#2 Interest – Interested Prospects Click on Your Ad

#3 Decision – Prospects read your information on your Landing Page

#4 Action – From your Landing Page, they can fill out a contact form or go to a website for purchasing.

#5 Follow-Up – Setup an Email Marketing Drip Campaign to Stay in Touch

Using the Royaltie Digital Marketing Platform means that Proximity Marketing can now go with you wherever you go.

You can set the MAP PIN to any location, a business can set the Geolocation to a particular neighborhood in your community or to a nearby city.

Don’t have a brick and mortar a fixed location? NO PROBLEM! Any business can use the Royaltie Digital Marketing Platform for proximity marketing.

Purchase the Royaltie Digital Marketing Platform

The opportunities are endless…

What is Proximity Marketing?

You can use MULTIPLE AD PINS to reach multiple areas.

Proximity Marketing is a localized distribution of advertising content usually associated with a particular place. Ads can be delivered and viewed by individuals in that location. Consumers see ads that are product information, coupons, and other relevant content as they use apps and websites.

Proximity Marketing is the hottest new trend in digital marketing for business. This type of Geo-Fencing has up to this point only been available to large retailers and corporations. The absolute best passive prospecting and advertising tool is now available to every business regardless of size.

With Royaltie Ads you now have the capability to advertise on multiple apps and websites using a powerful billboard system.

The Royaltie Ad Network guarantees that your ad will be seen by a large number of people depending on the ad package you purchase.

Using Geo-Fencing, you can target your marketing within a proximity or location by just dropping a pin on a map.

Professionals, Salespeople, Marketers

If your business is on the move, your marketing should follow you.

Real Estate Agents
Insurance Agents
Financial Services
Network Marketing
Trade Shows

Service Companies & Service Providers

Broadcast from your vehicle and everywhere you go, everyone around will know who you are and what you have to offer.

Carpet Cleaners

Use the Royaltie Digital Marketing Platform for Retail, Brick & Mortar, Fixed Location

You can use the Geo Location Map Pin for your own brick and mortar physical store. Imagine how amazing it would be to have an ad with a special offer and show it to everyone who is near  your location. Or just create awareness of who you are where you are located to those nearby.

The possibilities are endless…

Accounting Service
Animal Shelter
Art Gallery
Auto Body Shop
Auto Dealer
Auto Repair
Auto Parts
Auto Rental
Bank / Credit Union
Beauty Salon / Day Spa

Bed & Breakfast
Bike Store
Book Store
Bowling Alley
Child Care
Clothing Store
Coffee Shop
Computer Store
Convenience Store
Department Store

Dry Cleaning / Laundry
Electronics Store
Employment Agency
Furniture Store
Garden Store
Gas Station
Golf Course
Grocery Store
Hair Salon
Hardware Store
Health Club

Hobby Shop
Hotel / Motel
Ice Cream Shop
Insurance Agency
Jewelry Store
Medical Clinic
Motorcycle Dealer
Movie Theater
Music Store
Nail Salon
Office Equipment Store

Pet Store
Restaurant / Café
Self Storage
Shoe Store
Sporting Goods Store
Tire Shop
Toy Store
Travel Agency
Veterinary Care

Digital Marketing with Royaltie

The Royaltie Digital Platform uses a specific location to deliver ads. The Royaltie does not use cellular data. Does not need Bluetooth to be turned on and does not need a Wifi connection. Just purchase a plan and set up your online Ad from the dashboard. Once you create your ads you’re up and running! The Ads and the location can be changed as often as you like.

Just a Note about the company called Royaltie. It’s not Royalty with a y. It is Royaltie with an ie. Royaltie is the company that provides the Digital Marketing Platform and has an affiliate program.

Digital Marketing With Royaltie

Would you like to Advertise your business on 100’s of the most popular Websites and Apps with one easy to use dashboard?

NOW you can do just that with the Royaltie digital marketing suite of products!

If you have heard of the Royaltie Gems before or have used them previously then please take note:

The Gem is no longer available. Gems were a physical product that used Bluetooth to broadcast to nearby phones. The Royaltie Gems are no longer produced.

Royaltie has transitioned to a digital marketing suite of products that deliver high-quality digital ads through its network of apps and websites.

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Marketing agencies can sell the Royaltie Digital Marketing packages and get paid commissions.

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