Digital strategies for an increasingly digital world.

As more and more consumers turn to Google and the internet to meet their needs, businesses are shifting their marketing focus to a more digital approach. Internet marketing and intuitive, customer friendly website design is the best way to draw in your prospective clientele. 

Market Your Business - Marketing & Advertising Basics


In the world of Digital Marketing, there are TWO categories of customers

Those that KNOW you

  • Have done business with you before
  • Referred by a friend
  • Heard about your business
  • Have seen your advertising
  • Know your business name
  • Aware of your brand

You've got to remind them of who you are, keep them interested, and continue to earn their loyalty!

Those that DON'T know you

  • Looking for ANY business
  • No particular name in mind
  • No particular brand awareness
  • No knowledge of your business
  • No referrals or recommendations

You've got to build your brand & identity, show your uniqueness and value, and highlight your reputation!

You can reach these 2 types of customers through Marketing or Advertising

Two Types of Advertising


Promotional Advertising - to create BUYING INTEREST -  and Directional Advertising - to help BUYERS connect with SELLERS.

Promotional / Creative

Sellers Seeking Buyers

  • TV & Radio Ads
  • Magazines, Newspapers
  • Billboards, Direct Mail, Coupons
  • Online Display Ads
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Promotional Advertising CREATES interest and AWARENESS of your brand, products, and services. It creates a desire to buy or find out more.

Businesses Searching for CUSTOMERS

Directional / Search

Buyers Seeking Sellers

  • Online Search Engine
  • Online Business Directories
  • Online Review Websites
  • Online Pay-Per-Click
  • Informational Websites
  • Business Website or Landing Page

Directional Advertising is for consumers who already have a brand, product, or service in mind and are looking for information or to buy.

CUSTOMERS Searching for Businesses