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SEARCH Engine Marketing

It’s all about the Search Engine


The print yellow pages was the search engine of the past. When someone needed a product or service they opened the book and searched!

In the last 10 years the print yellow page product has dramatically declined in usage by consumers and has significantly increased in cost to the business owners who advertise.


Advertising and Marketing have Changed

2011 Intermedia Consumer Shopping Study conducted by TNS to measure consumers use of various media during the purchasing decision process. (Source Website)

Online Search + Internet Directories – 52.1%

Print Yellow Pages – 15.6%

Direct Mail – 13.8%

Newspaper – 10.6%

Television – 9.2%

Coupons – 7.8%

Magazines – 5.0%

Radio – 4.5%


The Internet is Now the Primary Source for Information


90% of internet users search online for LOCAL BUSINESSES

The overwhelming majority of US Internet users research online to find local products and services (according to the “User View Wave VII” from BIA/Kelsey and ConStat).

The most common online tool used for local research was Google search. Nearly one-half of respondents used Internet yellow pages and 42% checked comparison-shopping sites before heading to local businesses.



According to the 2010 Local Search Usage Study conducted by TMP Directional Marketing on Internet Search and Social Media Usage – (source TMP website)

70% of consumers consider Internet Search Engines, Online Yellow Pages or Social Networks their primary source to locate local business information.


93% of consumers who use social networks,responded that they use Facebook for finding local-business details

69% of consumers are more likely to choose a local business if it has information available on a social network


61% of consumers use a search engine at least once a week


78% of consumers who use Social-Networks want special offers, promotions and information about events