No need to choose between Quality and Quantity when you can have both.

Search Engine Optimization, commonly abbreviated as SEO, is a marketing strategy designed to increase BOTH the QUANTITY and QUALITY of traffic to your website through organic - non-paid - search engine results. In other words, SEO is used to target your market and find buyers who are looking for your products or services.

To use an analogy, SEO is like shooting an arrow at a target. Knowing the "what" and "where" of the target is the process of analyzing, aiming, and calculating to achieve the successful hitting of the target. We determine who and where your "target" audience is and then optimize the website to be hit (be found) by that target market. SEO is both a science and an art form. It takes knowledge, experience, and practice to achieve results.

Search Engine Optimization / SEO Packages

FREE Professional Custom Website Design/Redesign

Website Design / SEO Value Packages

Website Design / SEO Value Packages


All of our Website Design / SEO Value Packages come with the Online Essentials including:

Website Management, Website Maintenance, Technical Support, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at an unbeatable price.

Custom Designed Website

FREE DESIGN in WordPress. Custom designed with your Company’s style, colors and layout. 

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Design for Mobile and Tablet Devices – your website will look great on the latest desktops, smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Search Engine Optimized

Your Website is SEO Optimized from the ground up, to Rank Well for the keywords people use to find your products and services.

Ongoing SEO Services

We Manage, Maintain and Monitor your Website. We use ‘White Hat’ SEO best practices for improvement in Search Engine Ranking. 

Statistics / Tracking

We use tools such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and several others to evaluate performance and areas of needed

Geo Location

Location, Location, Location. Geolocation is increasingly relevant to search engines. We use Local Maps and Geographical Areas Served for better search results.

Social Media Links

We include social media icons for linking to your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube company pages.

Integrated Video Player

It is easy to include YouTube or Vimeo videos on any page of the website.


Strategy for SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Here is a basic Blueprint of what we do for clients when we perform Search Engine Optimization.


#1 – Build Relevance

Write Unique Content (using focused Keywords) Generating quality content with a specific goal of providing information about a specific targeted topic.


#2 – Build Authority

Promote The Website Expanded Content & Consistent improvement (BLOG/NEWSLETTER), Related Links


#3 – Build Brand

Multiply the Reach Directories, Google Maps, Google Local, Google+, YouTube,


#4 – Build Reputation

Get Online Reviews Get Customer Reviews and Get Referral Traffic through Social Media


Website Maintenance & SEO Packages 

Website Management, Maintenance & Monitoring

We make website Management, Maintenance & Monitoring a core part of your online business strategy. Keeping your site current and up-to-date is a critical part of on-site SEO.  Here’s How:
  1. We Keep Your Content Current - We include client-initiated updates and changes in the cost.
  2. We Ensure that your website is up to current technical web standards.
  3. We keep your site updated with the latest themes, plugins, and security.
  4. We Tweak your website design, look and feel as needed to reflect your brand’s voice and story.