There is ONE overriding principle of Marketing your Business that encompasses all forms of media…


of consumers will use some form of ONLINE MEDIA to make a purchasing decision!

Offline Media

  • Paper Coupons … 38.6%
  • Direct Mail … 31.4%
  • Newspaper … 28.9%
  • Television … 28.6%
  • Yellow Pages … 20.4%
  • Radio … 11.4%


  • Company Website … 53.8%
  • Search Engines … 50.5%
  • Internet Coupons … 30.9%
  • Ratings & Reviews … 24.9%
  • Daily Deals … 21.1%
  • Social Media … 15.7%

Traditional Advertising vs. Internet / Online Marketing

A research study completed by TMP Directional Marketing called “Local Search Usage Study” was conducted by comScore in July 2010. The study was based on data from 4,000 online surveys, and the observed behaviors of one million consumers who agreed to have their online searches tracked anonymously.

The data in this study outlines the importance for business owners to develop a “multi-channel” marketing strategy for reaching consumers.

The study shows that the internet is the primary source for consumers looking for businesses who provide goods and services.  Online media dominates, as 70 percent of respondents indicated that search engines, online Yellow Pages or social networks are their primary sources of local-business information. While usage of print media continues to decline, Yellow Pages directories are considered to be secondary sources.

Below are the Highlights of the Study…

Search Engines

61% use a search engine to find information on a local business at least once a week; 12 percent daily


Local-Search Sites (Directories)

49% use online local search directories at least once a week

6% use online local search directories daily


Facebook & Social Media Networks

93% use Facebook for finding local-business details

69% are more likely to use a local business if it has information available on a social network

56% of consumers most frequently find local-business information on a company’s business page

55% find local-business information based on recommendations from connections

79% of consumers are more likely to use a local business if a connection recommends it

81% believe that it is important for local businesses to respond to questions and complaints on social sites

78% want special offers, promotions and information about events

66% think that company photos are important


Mobile Devices

39% of mobile searchers use their devices to find local-business information

70% of mobile users utilize their devices once a week or more (16 percent daily)

64% of social networkers use social sites at least once a week (29 percent daily)

36% of smart-phone owners conduct more than 50 percent of their local searches on their phones

Mobile users most often search for restaurant information and maps

Internet Marketing Strategies


Online Reputation Management and Online Brand Enhancement


There are two types of consumers that are looking for your Business, Product or Service online. We can group these two types of consumers into what we might call the KNOWN and UNKNOWN market.

1. The KWOWN Market are those who ALREADY KNOW YOU – They are looking online for a specific business by name such as Les Schwab, Napa Auto parts, Bill’s restaurant. They are former customers, maybe referrals, or they have seen your name advertised and want to know more about your business.


2. The UNKNOWN Market are those who DON’T KNOW YOU – They are looking for any business who can meet their need. These people search by category for products or services they need or want. They may search for Service Categories such as Plumbers, Carpet Cleaners, Attorneys, or for destinations like Restaurants, they may also search for products such as Goodyear tires. They don’t know who they want and they are looking for any business who will supply products or services they want.


The Two ways consumers find a service, product or a particular business online are:

1. Search Engines – people may search for a business by name, or they may search by a category, service or product.


2. Internet Directories –  Internet Directories promote your business by both listing your business by name and by listing your business by category. As people search for specific a business by name or by product or service, Internet directories can help consumers find businesses that will meet their needs.


In the online information age we are in Consumers, Shoppers, and Buyers also rely two major things when making purchasing decisions.

1. Personal Recommendations or “word of mouth” from people they know and trust – Social Media is now the place people get recommendations from “friends”. Facebook is the new “word of mouth”.


2.  Consumer Recommendations or “reviews” from people who have done business with companies – Buyers are now conducting online searches for reviews about companies they are interested in or products they want to purchase before making up their mind who to do business with. Your potential clients and past clients who you have done business with before judge you by your online reputation.



If your company has mediocre reviews or reputation damaging listings showing up in search engine results, this can damage your business and is a sign of a poor customer service. Rather search results bring customers to your door you may be driving them away by not maintaining the many directory and review websites with information about you and your business.


Companies have to constantly watch what is happening as listings in online directory and review websites steadily gain more visibility. The situation can be managed with time and effort but if there are directory listings unfairly trashing your company, you will most likely be losing business on a daily basis.


We can help you manage your online reputation by maintaining the online listings and correcting damaging listings in the search engines so that they will not be visible.