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Sometimes the best thing you can do, when you don’t know what to do, is ask for help. This truth is no less true about your current website’s design.

There a dozen different things that could cause a potentially great design to suffer. Maybe the page is too cluttered and confusing, or the layout just doesn’t flow well. It could be that that pesky column or photo just won’t line up right. It could be the off-putting color scheme, or any number of small (and sometimes large) problems. We would love to look over your current website and give our two cents. Two heads are better than one, right?


Can visitors easily navigate your website without getting lost? Do your visitors know where to find information on your site? Are you using the right features and technology to deliver your message? If not, let us evaluate your website and help you keep your visitors on your site and away from the competition.


Website usability is important simply because websites that are difficult to use do not attract or keep visitors. For a website to be successful, visitors need to find information on a website or perform certain tasks such as making a purchase or requesting information. If visitors have to learn how to use a website, there is a good chance they will seek their information elsewhere.


With our Website Usability Review, we evaluate your home page and six sub-pages of your website and provide you with recommendations to make your site more user-friendly.  83% of Internet users will leave a website if they have to make too many clicks to find relevant information. Get your Website Usability review today and learn how we can help you convert website traffic to sales leads.

Review Focus Areas

  • HOME PAGE – Is your home page too long or too cluttered?

  • NAVIGATION – Is your website navigation simple and easy to use?

  • CONTENT – Does the copy on your website address the visitors and how your services will help them?

  • COLOR SCHEME – Is your color scheme sending the right message?

  • CALLS TO ACTION – What do you want your visitors to do? Is it clear to them?

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