Why You Don’t Want to Hire a Website Design Company

When choosing someone to Build your Website
it is important to balance two Opposing Dynamics.


Creative Design

Most website “designers” or website “design” companies are CREATIVES. They are the artistic people who love to work with colors, layout, graphics, and style.


When you are looking to hire a website design company you will see companies that focus almost entirely on DESIGN. 

They want to CREATE a beautiful website and make it appealing. The information on their website is all about proper design. 

They showcase their portfolio with the best-designed websites they have created, with great graphics, layout, and style. 

They may offer SEO as an additional service but the main focus is on the beautiful website they will build for you.


Some companies are better at being creative and some are better at the technical aspects of website design.

Think creative minded ARTISTS versus the analytical minded NERDS.

Technical SEO

Most SEO companies are TECHNICAL minded. They focus less on aesthetics and more on function. SEO focuses on Building a website that is optimized to rank in search.


When you are looking to hire an SEO company to optimize your website and help it rank higher in search engines, you will see companies that focus almost entirely on RANKING and RESULTS. 

They want to rank your site on Page #1 of Google and bring you a return on investment. 

The information on their website is about keywords, ranking, tracking, analytics, and performance. 

They want to Drive Traffic to Your website by Choosing the Right Keywords and optimizing for results.

Building a website is like building a house. Once you have the house finished you will see the walls, windows. roof, floors, and all the features that have been designed into the house. What you don’t see, which is just as important is the framing, plumbing, electrical, insulation, and all of the functional elements that are necessary for the house to operate and be functional.

Whoever builds your website whether it is someone who is more creative or more technical, ultimately your success depends on how you Market your business online. You website is the foundation of your marketing house. SEO is the first and primary step in marketing. If those two pieces are all you ever do, you can be successful, but only if you get both of them right.

Your GOAL should be to market your business online not just have a “nice looking website” which means having a comprehensive marketing strategy that sees the big picture.

Hiring a DIGITAL MARKETING Company is the Answer!

Focus on the Big Picture – The Whole House not just the Foundation

When it comes to advertising and marketing your business online, a solid well designed functional website is the FOUNDATION. 

Your business website is the where your customers and prospects find information about your products and services. 

Your website is where decisions are made whether to do business with you or not. While your website is an important piece of the marketing puzzle it is NOT the only piece.

You could hire a CREATIVE website DESIGN company. You could hire a TECHNICAL website SEO company. These are important elements but they are just the beginning.

More than just a website

Internet Marketing is the process of promoting a brand, products or services over the Internet. Its broad scope includes website management, SEO, email marketing, customer review management, paid internet advertising, and any promotional activities that are done via mobile or wireless media.

Who you “should hire” is a MARKETING AGENCY.


If your website was a hammer and you asked a web designer to build that hammer… 

The web designers focus would be ON THE HAMMER. They would ask you questions about what you wanted the hammer to look like. Do you want a big hammer or a small hammer? Do you want a custom hammer, a shiny hammer, and what parts of the hammer do you want?


If your website was a hammer and you asked a Digital Marketing Agency to build that hammer… 

The Digital Marketing Agency’s focus would be on WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO BUILD or What you want to accomplish. 

The Digital Marketing Agency would ask questions about how are you going to USE the hammer. How big is the building, what kind of materials will you be using, and what other tools do you will need in addition to the hammer?

IN Local Marketing is a marketing agency, we have years of experience and knowledge in MARKETING. 

We not only build beautiful websites and understand the technical aspects of SEO, but we see the big picture of how to effectively marketing your business online. 

We know what works and where the pitfalls are. We know how to stretch your marketing budget to maximize return on investment.